This Is The Face of My Mental Illness


imageI took this picture of myself at the end of a day I spent in bed, scared and crying, feeling alone and hopeless and completely desperate.

This is the face of my mental illness. This is the face of my sadness when it is at its most inexplicable and its most pronounced.

I am not ashamed of it.

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Stay alive.




So I’ve been thinking a lot about The Chris Gethard Show lately. Its very existence. Why we started doing it. Why we’re doing it now. I’ve noticed a few things.

And it is time for us to BURN IT DOWN. It’s time for us to set a FOREST FIRE to this show, that might be the end of it but might just be the thing that allows new growth to happen.

In short, the motto for the rest of this summer when it comes to TCGS is EVOLVE OR DIE.


That’s the new mantra. This thing has to grow, or it has to go. Those are our options.

This will be a community discussion and we’ll all find the best landing spot together.

Be prepared - a long manifesto is about to unfold below.

Here are some of my concerns. I’m sure you have your own:

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Evolve or Die.  Gethard’s taught me a lot of lessons in the few years that I’ve known him.  This is a particularly poignant one.  I’ll get thinking, will you?




Advice from writers of Key and Peele to our Digital Teams last night. Many thanks to Ian Roberts, Colton Dunn, Rebecca Drysdale, and Phil Jackson for sharing the evening with us!

Inspiring those that will inspire more.


TCGS @ DCM 16: TCGame of ThroneS (And a chance to see the pilot!)



Tickets and Info at!

Last year at the Del Close Marathon, TCGS put together a show where you were able to enter a series of tents to hang out one on one with your favorite members of the TCGS family. It was interactive and weird and super fun.

This year we’re upping the ante by linking you up with cast members so you can FIGHT other cast members and other AUDIENCE members. It will be a tournament unlike anything the world’s ever seen, with your favorite public access absurdist goofballs honoring Del Close in a series of competitive trials.

It’s going to be interactive theater of the most competitive and perhaps physically risky caliber.

I don’t know if anyone else in America feels this way, but the past few years I’ve been into this TV show called Game of Thrones, and the book series it was spawned from. And that gave me an idea – why can’t we try to live for one night in a world that works like that world? Why can’t we layer the TCGS universe on top of a pseudo-medieval society, then hold a tournament where actual audience members compete in a tournament where they face off for an ultimate prize?


Here’s how our show at DCM will work this year…

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I love these guys.


Overcome Your Programming And Be A Better Man


When I was a freshman in high school, I made a series of battle plans along with my older brother and his friends that detailed how we’d take out our entire school once we obtained guns and bombs.

This happened while huddled over my dining room table, and it was funny. We drew blueprints. We made maps. We organized lists of ammunition and inventory and all the different things we’d need to make our military raiding of our own school a success. We figured we’d all have cyanide pills to take ourselves out before we got arrested. We knew we had to take over the nurse’s office first – it’s where all the medical supplies were and it also had no windows, which made it a perfect place for our final showdown when we were inevitably backed in by police as we burned out in a blaze of glory in our bold last stand.

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Comedy Central Has Decided To Not Pick Up The Chris Gethard Show


I got word about ten days ago that Comedy Central was going into high gear deciding if they wanted to air TCGS. This past weekend, I was in a sandwich shop in Toronto when I got a tough call – after much debate, Comedy Central have decided that TCGS is not for them.

Obviously this is a huge bummer, and there are a lot of feelings to sort out here. I’m sad it won’t be going down. I feel like I let my friends down. I’m definitely a bit shell-shocked – it’s been a crazy six months and I was pretty convinced for a moment there that it might actually happen.

Most of all though, I feel grateful.

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How Do You Make A Living?


I had a level 1 student in a button-down shirt who had a mortgage come up to me after class recently and say “Man, I love this. I’d really love to be paid to do comedy.”

I believe he was thinking: I’d love my current paycheck and stability in exchange for coming to this class. That doesn’t ever happen.

But it’s maybe the second most common question/comment I get from people, right after “how do I get out of my head?” Some variety of “how do you make a living?” or “How could I quit my job and do improv/comedy full time?” 

Short answer: You don’t get paid to do improv. You can get paid to teach/coach it, making a solid notch or two below what you’d make at a cubicle job.

And “getting paid to do COMEDY,” practically speaking, means living the life of a free-lancer in which you hustle lots of little gigs all the time, hoping for a bigger one. And then even a bigger gig like writing for a TV show is something you get hired for just a few months at a time.

In this life, you get a lot of your time returned to you and a lot of freedom, but you get stomach-dropping insecurity when you think about: children, vacations, property, the future or even just paying rent. That’s the trade-off.

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Yeah.  This is good to read.

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