8/29 on TCGS - A Celebration of Murf’s Headshot, Winning Character Announced, and music by The Shondes!

Guys, Gethard is totally right. Murf’s headshot is something beyond all comprehension and you’d be an absolute FOOL not to watch this episode!


Hi all, Gethard here! Last week was SO MUCH FUN. Special thanks to Bobby Moynihan, Jen Engel, and Animal Tropical for gracing us with their respective presences. We had so much fun and met so many new characters - remember, if you haven’t watched last week’s show, do so and vote for which character you want to be a new member of our show’s cast at http://thechrisgethardshow.com/2012/08/poll-which-of-ten-characters-do-think-should-be-recurring-cast-member-of-tcgs/

This week, we have to push back 18th Century American Gladiators yet again since we have to announce the winning character from last week’s show! As you can see, the competition is really tight - Vinegar Al and The Guy Who Likes Cream, but NOT TOO MUCH CREAM are neck and neck for the lead, with Audience Member With A Sleeping Baby and Ronk still within striking distance! Make your voice heard!

So - on Wednesday, we’ll find out which character is left standing - and more importantly, we will CELEBRATE THE GREATEST PICTURE OF ALL TIME. Don’t look at this picture until you are ready, as its beauty will rock you to your core. Brace yourself. Ready? 

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